A story of Fernando & Veronika at Happy Homes

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Pleased to hear the wonderful story of love, passion, perseverance and smiles from two special guests from Spain.

Many people want to travel around the world but not everyone is brave enough to take care of their lives. I remember the first time I saw him walk into the gate, my mind flying away, legs limp when saw two cars “terrible” and furniture too vaguely: bag hanging before, hanging behind, basketball hoops, bag hangers on people.

Then I sat down and talked with my brothers and sisters. I went from amazement to surprise, knowing that my brother was marrying and traveling on a bicycle. More than 4 years together on many roads. I wonder how much their love to tolerate each other when irritable because of malfunction or fatigue on the road? How much perseverance to overcome the road difficulties, high pass, wilderness? And in order to have such bright smiles, you have experienced the sunshine on the road.

Look skin tanned you dare to dream? Let’s stop talking about big things, let’s look at how many times you refuse to live as yourself?

Fernando & Veronika. Thank you for staying in Happy Homes. Wish you all will be safe and happy

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