Start-up business seminar for students

05/03/2018 Post by : Anh Thư Nguyễn 111 Views

With the aim of helping students become more confident to start-up a business, thereby encouraging the spirit of starting a business, adding flames of passion for start-ups, raising awareness of students’ enrichment, Lieu Ky Nhan – The owner of Happy Homes participated in the seminar “Raising the idea of ​​starting a business” on July 7, 2017 at Tra Vinh University.

At the seminar, students were interested in issues such as: Starting a business; Factors for success in startups; Where to start, where to start, where to start, how to prepare for startup, etc., have been shared by the speakers, managers, businessmen and representatives of the government.

With his successful practical start-up experiences, Mr. Lieu Ky Nhan has suggested the idea of ​​online business for the youth but in creative new ways, the unique feature of products, customer care strategies, web promotion …

Organizers of the workshop said that the purpose is to enhance the feasibility of business ideas through the development of entrepreneurship for student.

Through the workshop, we want to help students know more about what they need to prepare for start-up. The other purposes are to create a useful playground for students; open-up the opportunity to experience in real-life business, improve knowledge of business for students. All of these knowledge will surely help students to make their dream come true in the future!

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