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In addition to the hard work days, Happy Homes employees are always cared for and cared for. Every Happy Homes month celebrates the birthdays of employees with birthdays. This August at Happy Homes has an intimate and cozy party on Saturday after work at Head Office. Let’s review the memorable moments of the staff members on the birthday!

Happy Homes

Happy Homes organizes birthday for employees

Not just a workplace, Happy Homes has become the employees’ second home. Where people share joys and sorrows and grow up with the company.

Happy Homes

This August Happy Homes celebrated birthdays for members with birthdays in the month.

Happy Birthday:

Mr. Tran Van Anh Minh – Technical Department.

Mr. Danh Le – Ceremony Department.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong – Department of rooms.

Birthday party is also the way Lieu Ky Nhan expressed his interest in staff. With the desire to bring together employees, Happy Homes will reach out and bring good quality service to everyone.

To Happy Homes you will feel warm and sincere feelings like returning to your home. The place is always ready to welcome visitors.

We are constantly creative towards the goal of “Essence – Elite Products / Services – Essence Life – Elite Society”

Happy Homes

Happy Homes rewards business results in the quarter

Every quarter, Happy Homes summarizes business results and awards employees with outstanding performance. This is how Happy Homes motivates employees. The performance of the staff is something to be commended for the other members to follow. These employees are the factors that make up the quality of the company’s services. They are quiet people giving visitors a comfortable and comfortable space. In order for visitors to do their job well during their stay here.

Happy Homes

Happy Homes expects its serviced apartments chain to be an innovative, innovative and effective solution. With a rigorous, unceasing and innovative management system, we are dedicated to serving customers, making Happy Homes a “living place” for expatriates.

Customer satisfaction is the result of Happy Homes and customer benefits are the value received by Happy Homes. Therefore, we not only strive to improve and improve the quality of infrastructure and services, but also invest in developing potential human resources.

Happy Homes – Apartment worth living in Ho Chi Minh City

Coming to Happy Homes, we believe it will quickly help you find the desired rental apartment.

For more information, contact Happy Homes

Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho Hao Hon, Ward Giang, District 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Website: www.happyhomes.vn

Email: manager@happyhomes.vn

Hotline: 0909 0366 91 – 0909 0366 92 – 0909 0366 94

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