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Happy Homes is a brand specialized in developing and developing rental apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. In only 8 years Happy Homes has affirmed its position in Saigon. These successes come from the efforts of many members of the Happy Homes family. To motivate employees, Happy Homes always gives hot rewards to Team Project members for their outstanding achievements. Let’s celebrate for their success.

Happy Homes

Happy Homes hot rewards for Team Project members

Happy Homes selects graduates from majors related to business, real estate management, rich enthusiasm, passion and experiencing many years of experience in the profession. Throughout our collaborative partnership, Happy Homes will comment on the ability of our employees on a monthly and quarterly basis to reward and encourage your spirit. In order to help every Happy Homes member devote their faith in work and serve customers more attentively.

Every quarter, Happy Homes always holds a quarterly meeting for the HO (Head Office) team and Project team. The director Lieu Ky Nhan rewarded the members of the Project Team for his outstanding achievements in the second quarter of 2018. The party took place in a cozy atmosphere, all Team HO members and the Project took hold We also expressed the spirit of solidarity, together achieving outstanding achievements and welcoming the birth of the new branch 07 of Happy Homes.

Happy Homes

The culture makes a difference in the service of Happy Homes

HR is an important factor of the company. Therefore, Happy Homes is always grateful to the people who are always in the process of forming and developing the company. Happy Homes always praises individuals and groups with outstanding achievements to motivate employees. Since then, Happy Homes’s service has increased to new heights. Expanding the network of serviced apartments, houses and houses for rent. Customers who come to Happy Homes can rely on Happy Homes’ service quality and reputation. We always strive to bring the highest value to our customers.

Happy Homes

Happy Homes – Apartment worth living in Ho Chi Minh City

Come to Happy Homes to experience Vietnamese traditional beauty. Simply from the deep concern, rich hospitality of Vietnamese people in their own apartments.

Happy Homes expects its serviced apartments chain to be an innovative, innovative and effective solution. With a rigorous, unceasing and innovative management system, we are dedicated to serving customers, making Happy Homes a “living place” for expatriates.

Customer satisfaction is the result of Happy Homes and customer benefits are the value received by Happy Homes. Therefore, we not only strive to improve and improve the quality of infrastructure and services, but also invest in developing potential human resources.

Coming to Happy Homes, we believe it will quickly help you find the desired rental apartment.

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