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By the will and the heart of the Director of Lieu Ky Nhan. Over the past years, Happy Homes has affirmed its position in the top and most No.1 rental service apartments in Ho Chi Minh City.

More than anyone else, he understands and always accompanies the staff of each department. The Happy Homes rental service chain continues to open the 59 Pho Duc Chinh branch – District 1, which is the clearest evidence of a strong solidarity under the common roof called Happy Homes.

People often say, success is not the destination but the journey. Branch 59 Pho Duc Chinh – District 1 is considered the most beautiful branch of the Happy Homes chain, which is a resonant contribution from many departments.

Our mission to build Happy Homes is not only a home but also a home for every customer. As with employees working at Happy Homes, this is the “second home” and always sets the criterion “attitude is more important than qualification”.

To Happy Homes you will feel the grandeur, splendor, warmth that comes from the “heart” and “enthusiasm” of each employee of each department, wanting to bring black a space “as home “to customers.

In particular, the period of Set up equipment and supplies is the period of “extremely interesting” and “emotional” of the HappyHomes team. This is the passion and every traveler has – is living at Happy Homes feel.

At Happy Homes, the slogan “want to go quickly go alone, but if you want to go far, go together” to become the truth and the guiding principle in every action.

Take a look at the report to see the devotion of every Happy Homes position

Marketing Team prepares the best photo shoot provided to customers

Team Cleaning, vacuuming, deodorizing the paint phase is extremely important

Team of Managers brings a vibrant green section of Happy Homes

With a staff of enthusiastic, passionate and years of professional experience, Happy Homes is always a solid and solid team. In any position, both aspire to build Happy Homes will become “a place worth living” for you when you have the opportunity to set foot in Ho Chi Minh City. We always aspire to bring you, a place to live, not only a home, but also a happy home, a comfortable, comfortable and quality space for you to perform well the work. of me during my stay here.

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