Best Time For Your Perfect Trip In Vietnam

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Vietnam follows the tropical monsoon climate, which is characterized by high humidity and high temperatures. The weather changes dramatically from the north to the south—when it is fine and dandy in one region, the other is experiencing tropical storms!
Understanding the climate will help you enjoy your trip in Vietnam without being inconvenienced by rain. Below is our suggested times to visit particular places in Vietnam.

Trip In VietnamHa Noi

You can visit Hanoi all year round, but it will be very hot from May to August. This is also when it rains a lot, so make sure you pack appropriately.

Trip In VietnamSapa and the northeastern highlands

If you visit the northern highland, you must do some hiking! Therefore, the best time to visit this area is from March to June, September, and October when it doesn’t rain much and is cold. Pack well.

Trip In VietnamHa Long Bay

Consider visiting from June to November because this is the ideal time. You don’t want your cruise to be ruined by torrential downpour.

Trip In VietnamHue

Hue is located in an area most affected by storms from September to December, so avoid this city at all costs during that time. January to August is wonderful.

Trip In VietnamHoi An

The climate here is rather similar to Hue, and this beautiful city is best experienced from February to July. Don’t miss out on Hoi An! It’s one of the must-visit spots in the country.

Trip In VietnamDa Lat

Da Lat is located in a highland near the sea so the weather is quite comfortable, and you can visit Da Lat all year round. It’s the cool mountainous getaway from hot and stuffy Saigon.

Trip In VietnamNha Trang

Nha Trang is like Hue and Hoi An, located in a storm-affected area. You can take advantage of the beach from February to August, so you should avoid the stormy season and visit from February to August.

Trip In VietnamSai Gon (Ho Chi Minh) and the South

You can visit Saigon during any time of the year, but jot down that from May to November it will be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon.

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Trip In Vietnam
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