Expansion Plan

System Development Strategy

Happy Homes is a company with many years of experience in consulting and real estate brokerage for foreign franchise groups when approaching the Vietnamese market since 2009. Happy Homes has affirmed its position, reputation and consistent with its development strategy:

  • Focus on the large commercial complexes  center, office, and tourism in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and continue to expand in strategic cities.
  • Revenue growth and targeted customer segmentation.
  • Develop the portfolio and maintain high performance in serviced apartment chains and affiliates.
  • Target to the increasing income of the middle-class and high society, satisfy  the increasing and diverse needs of the target customer segment.
  • Diversify and increase income from real estate, and manage capital effectively.
  • Improve the capacity of the service team, sales, leasing, project management and internal property management.
  • Promote investment in real estate tourism and resort to catch up the trend, create a position in the smokeless industry in Vietnam.

Human Strategy

Happy Homes always considers human resources as a core element and a valuable asset. With the slogan “Happy Homes – the aspirations to start up,” the company has built a staff of great talent and honesty. The recruiting goal of Happy Homes is to attract and welcome all candidates who aspire to work in a active, innovative, and effective environment. Happy Homes is a place where each individual can maximize his or her potential.

The Group always creates a professional and modern working environment that maximizes the right to work, dedicate, develop and honor the employees and the harmony between the benefits of the business and the staff.

Happy Homes pays special attention to the development of human resources through the effective implementation of training policies, improving knowledge and professional skills for employees. Beside improving the level of staff by training, so that every member becomes a worthy representative of Happy Homes in any situation. Through the training system, Happy Homes will contribute to the the quality of human resources of Vietnamese enterprises in general.

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