Our Culture

Happy Homes is a gathering place for distinguished Vietnamese people and international colleagues – people who have thought and acted disciplined, talented and brave, patriotic and self-respecting nation, honest and the drastic, thorough spirit of working for the good purposes.

Each member of Happy Homes always takes the initiative, strives to learn and complete themselves, always takes the culture and 5 core values of the company as a guide to adjust their behaviors.

We are innovating towards the goal of “Elite Human – Elite Products/Services – Elite Life – Elite Society”

Happy Homes’s culture is professionalism expressed through five core values “PRESTIGE – HONEST – TALENT – ELITE – HUMANITY”. The enthusiastic, efficient and disciplined culture has instilled in all employees, the actions of staffs, create the synergy that has made Happy Homes thrive in the new age.

At Happy Homes, each member identifies and treats the place as their second home where they close-knit and spend most of their time living and working. In any role and place, we are always proud to be a member of Happy Homes.

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