Vision, Mission


With our pioneering investment strategy and commitment to sustainable development, we at Happy Homes have developed a chain of quality serviced apartments. Through our high quality projects we are striving to become national leaders in our field, and aim to raise the profile of Vietnam and its people in the international market.


“For a happy life”

For our customers

  • Give a dedication for the benefit of the customers.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and convenient living.
  • Enhance the appearance and value through the professional services.

For our partners and suppliers

  • Raise the spirit of cooperation for long-term and sustainable development.
  • Increase the value and brand.

For our staff

  • Build a professional working environment, responsibility, and humanity.
  • Promote a dynamic, creative and innovative working environment.
  • Harmonize the benefits of the enterprises and the benefits of employees.

For community and society

  • Provide the market with a high-quality, professional service and promote Vietnamese cultural identity.
  • Contribute to change the social opinions about capacity, efficiency, and prestige of the enterprises in real estate management investment and cooperation.




  • Happy Homes gives priority to the PRESTIGE, take the PRESTIGE as a competitive weapon and protect the PRESTIGE criterion as the protection of our honor.
  • Happy Homes always strives to prepare the implementation capacity. We make the best effort to ensure the right and higher commitment to our customers, partners; Especially the commitments on quality of products and services.


  • Happy Homes set the HONEST criterion as one of the cornerstones of business. We respect the law and maintain professional ethics, social morality at the highest standards.
  • Happy Homes respects our customers, gives priority to the interests and expectations of customers, efforts to bring customers the best products and services; considers the customer’s satisfaction is a measure of success.
  • Happy Homes takes care of the customers, understands the service mission.


  • Happy Homes considers creativity as vitality, a lever for development, to create distinct value and identity in each product – service.
  • Happy Homes promote the spirit of thinking; To encourage the exploration and application of scientific and technical advances and new technologies to the management; Always take the initiative in improving the quality of products and services.
  • Happy Homes strives to be a “learning enterprise”, not afraid to learn and try our best to break self -limit.


  • Happy Homes’s goal: To gather the elite people to make the products – services elite. We try our best to looking for the right people for the right mission to promote the ability.
  • Happy Homes wants to build a perfect team, which includes both honesty and talent, where each member is outstanding in their job.


  • Happy Homes builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors and the society through honesty, compassion, and the human spirit.
  • Happy Homes values ​​workers as the most valuable assets; builds a professional, dynamic, creative and human working environment; We set the good welfare policies, create high-income conditions and equal development opportunities for all staffs.



“Create products and services of the highest quality, bring satisfaction to customers at the highest level.”


  • Research, analyze, evaluate and synthesize the needs, desires, and aspirations of customers in a profound and comprehensive manner (from the perspective of economy, culture, politics, society, art. …)
  • Research, design and invest in building a chain of apartment products and services with the best quality, in order to bring the satisfaction to customers.
  • Build a business culture based on the guideline: “Focus on the customer”. All activities of the company and employees are aimed at the highest goal is to satisfy the needs of customers, put themselves in the customer’s position to evaluate and consider every issue.
  • Develop a system of communication and behavior for customers for staffs, which defines the functions, duties and standard behaviors to be implemented.
  • Carry out customer care programs with many attractive and practical contents, ensuring benefits for customers.
  • Take initiative in building, deploying in community-oriented charity programs, humanitarian programs to better society.
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