Propeties Management

Nowadays, investors always want to find a management agency who would consult and manage their property portfolios. And Happy Homes has that. We help investors to manage the service quality and ensure business efficiency. At the end of the day, all we want is to build up a community with ideal living conditions in which every single customer feels like HOME.

HAPPYHOMES manages and is in charge of the properties and operated human resources.

HAPPYHOMES brings you the opportunity to invest in Service Apartment Industry regardless of experiences, management time or operation time.


_ Ensure the consistency of service quality and security

_ Increase value added for the property

_ Lower cost

_ Increase income and profitability

_ Strengthen investor’s belief

_ Build up a great living conditions


_ Business planning

_ Property operation proposals

_ Market research

_ Marketing planning and execution

_ Financial control and Tax declaration

_  Built up customer base

  • Customer service
  • Customer information management
  • Public rule compliance
  • Customer complain handling
  • Customer’s asset keeping

_ Security 24/24

  • Fire prevention rules
  • Fire prevention and safety training
  • Monthly patrolling and checking
  • Stranger scanning
  • Incidents and emergencies handling

_ Technical Support

  • Technical Support in 24hrs
  • Maintenance of all equipments
  • Construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Routine maintenance: elevator, AC, water heater, electricity, water, internet, cable….

_ Building sanitation

  • Public area: lobby, corridor, stairs, elevator…
  • Rooms/Apartment/Penthouse
  • Evergreen care…
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