How to choose rental apartment for young couples?

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In the context of real estate prices in Vietnam is higher than the average income of workers, especially in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), owning a house is quite difficult, especially for young couples. Therefore, choosing a rental apartment is one of solutions that young couples can consider. However, choosing suitable apartment depends on many factors. You need to consider the suggesting factors below in order to choose the right one that fits your ability and requirement.

căn hộ cho thuê

Financial capability

Financial capability is a prerequisite that needs to be considered first. You need to consider your income and decide how much you would afford for rental in particular and for other life expenses in general then determine the appropriate budget. This budget should also include additional provisions for special cases where available.

In addition, the tenant also needs to negotiate with house owner about the terms of payment, the terms of leasing, and the rate of rental increasing of the property. As long as these conditions are carefully negotiated from the beginning, it will help the tenants feel free and limit the unnecessary disturbance.

Location and Environment

Two other important factor to consider are location and environment. What you need to know is how far from your house to workplace. Traffic in the city during peak hours is always a problem. In order to save time traveling, you should choose the living location close to your current place of work, or at least the most convenient place for daily routine. Some other utilities such as supermarkets, commercial centers, schools, hospitals around the apartment… are also factors to consider.

Likewise, the surrounding environment also affects a little more to your life. The security, civilized and peaceful environment contributes to your life quality.

The design

Today, house is not just a place to come back every day. The quality of life is increasing, young people have more requirements on aesthetics and quality. However, not all available rental apartments will easily meet this requirement. On the other hand, many apartment owners find it difficult to accept the change or repair in their own apartment. In order to satisfy these factors, the tenant will have to spend a lot of time and effort for finding.

Considering the above factors will sometimes bother you. However, once you find the right place, we are convinced that your new life will be easier and comfortable.

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