Serviced Apartments – New Investment Trends In Tourist Cities

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As a new trend accommodation from tourists to businessmen, experts, model serviced apartments in big cities saw a sharp increase with good exploitation rates.

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Serviced apartments grow up strongly

Serviced apartments are similar to hotel rooms when they are fully equipped with modern furniture such as TV, air conditioner, bed, wardrobe, bathroom … However, inside these apartments also have additional interiors which bring more comfortable for a family such as extra bedroom, dining table, kitchen area. Especially, in the high-end apartment projects, services such as cleaning the room, laundry, food service … but with the appropriate cost.

Besides, there are also basic facilities such as gym, swimming pool, restaurant, supermarket … Serviced apartments are considered as “fine” as hotel room but more comfortable and with reasonable cost.

Service apartment model is popular in many developed countries in the world. Particularly, modern and economically developed cities attract a large number of businessmen and specialists, tourists. According to estimates by GS Air in 2017, there are about 826,759 serviced apartments distributed in 10,000 locations around the world. North America accounted for 61%, Africa 17%, Australia 11% and Asia 5.5%.

Service apartment model in Vietnam

In Vietnam, this model is gradually developing and growing strongly in recent years. Some successful serviced apartment projects have been selected by many customers in the center, 5 star standard, such as Topaz Twins, Charmington La Pointe (HCMC); Landmark 72, Lotte, Indochina Plaza (Hanoi). Especially in the tourist cities, serviced apartments are also popular with tourists, especially family tourists, groups with good exploitation rates such as Havana (Nha Trang), A La Carte , Diva Apartment (Da Nang).

Ms. Do Thu Hang, deputy director of research department of Savills Vietnam saids: Previously, the segment of serviced apartments has stable occupancy rates of 80-85%, but recently the average occupancy is usually over 90%.

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A potential investment trend

Serviced apartments market in Vietnam’s big cities is an indispensable trend of FDI investment and tourism industry.

Experts explain that the demand for serviced apartments in the country come from three main sources: the amount of foreign experts to work and live in Vietnam; Entrepreneurs often go to work, expand the market; tourists.

In the three groups mentioned above, the number of tenants who are foreigners to live and work have a long and stable lease period. Because of legal barriers to foreigners being allowed to own apartments in Vietnam, they choose to rent high-end serviced apartments to stay stable for a few months to several years.

Such demand has pushed rental rates for serviced apartments in some cities are rising slightly. In Ho Chi Minh City, the three-bedroom apartment starts from USD $ 3,300 – not including tax and the one- and two-bedroom apartments will range from $ 900 – $ 2,700 per month depending on location and area. Base.

The Hanoi average rental rate for Grade A apartments is $ 24.6 / sq m / month. In the developed tourist cities, the number of tourists using serviced apartments is also very high, due to the good rental rates and diversified usage.

With the benefits from the central location, the utility system of international standards and the potential of demand and good rental rates, serviced apartments are now a highly profitable investment channel that smart investors are moving in, especially when the market segment is quite limited.

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Investment Opportunity

Happy Homes is a great property investment option. We rent studios apartments and hotels in central of Ho Chi Minh city. Happy Homes has more than 7 serviced apartment properties in Ho Chi Minh city, and the company’s continued growth means there are ongoing opportunities for property investors seeking new or existing apartments.

Happy Homes has provided its investors with predictable returns and fixed annual rental increases, backed by the security of a long term lease. A Happy Homes investment removes the usual frustrations of management fees, vacancy periods, maintenance, repairs and excessive outgoings.


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