Top 23 Interesting Locations In Saigon At Night And Weekend Not To Be Missed

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Top 23 Interesting Locations In Saigon At Night And Weekend Not To Be Missed

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

1. Crescent Lake, Star Light Bridge

This is a favorite place for many young people, especially couples. Take a look at the shimmering light color is more wonderful!

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

2. Zoo and Botanical Garden

Every weekend or visit to breathe fresh air, watching the natural wildlife world is more interesting.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

3. Vinpearlland Ice Rink

Located in the Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien, Vinpearl land Ice Rink is designed with natural freezing water, freezing temperatures always below 0 degrees Celsius will bring you a winter in the heart of Saigon.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

4. Nguyen Hue walking street

The neighborhood is very famous in Saigon. Around the restaurant, cafeteria, cafe spoiled for you with your self-portrait, check in the type.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

5. Coffee Zone – Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Located beside the Notre Dame Cathedral, under the shade of large trees, fresh natural air. This is a gala meeting place, met familiar of Saigon youth.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn 6. Saigon Garden

Located right next to the walking street Nguyen Hue, perhaps the young Saigon is no stranger to this attractive entertainment.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn7. Gia Dinh Park

This is the green leaf of Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. Covered with lots of trees and amusement parks for adults and children. A place not to be missed in Saigon.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn8. Thu Thiem Park

Thu Thiem park view by night

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn9. Saigon City Theatre

Ho Chi Minh City Theater is a theater with a view of Lam Son Square and Dong Khoi Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Located in a convenient location in the city center, the theater is considered as the central, versatile theater that organizes theatrical performances and is also used to host some major events.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn10. Foreigner backpackers street

Western Quarter is located in the center of District 1 includes 3 streets Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham. There are many visitors everywhere visiting every day.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn

11. Bitexco Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower or Bitexco Finance Tower is a skyscraper built in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Enjoy the cafe from the top floor of the building is more interesting!

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn12. Turtle Lake

Turtle Lake has long been known as the most popular snack destination of Saigon is loved by young people. Culinary activities take place throughout the day from morning to night.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn13. 3D Art Museum

The paintings painted on the Korean artists will make you feel like living in the real world. This is a photo shoot, check in favorite of many young groups.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn14. Takashimaya – Shopping mall

A new commercial center is located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City with the arrangement and reasonable space to give young people a completely new experience. Here are almost full of shopping services, cuisine, cinema … spoiled for you to play.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn15. Ben Thanh Market

A symbol of Saigon from ancient to present. Ben Thanh Market is a popular destination for locals and international visitors. Walking, shopping every night here is interesting that any visitors, young people should always try to visit Saigon.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn16. 3A Station

Station 3A (or Station 3A) is a mixed play complex of contemporary art in Saigon. This is the check in point, visit many young people every weekend.

Địa Điểm Vui Chơi Ở Sài Gòn17. Ho Chi Minh City Art Museum

This is an architectural combination between East and Europe designed by a French architect. The building consists of 3 floors, displaying paintings, sculptures and antiques with high art value. This is one of the largest art centers in the country.

Happy Homes18. Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

Also known as the Wildlife Rescue Station. This place welcomes and carries out wildlife hunting, transportation, illegal trade or farms, households raising animals in wrong way.

Happy Homes19. Saigon Post Office

This is one of the typical architectural works in Ho Chi Minh City, located at No. 2, Paris Public Garden, District 1. Here every day welcomes a large number of visitors to visit and translate. correspondence.

Happy Homes20. Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre Dame Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City, one of the unique architectural works of Saigon, the destination of domestic and foreign tourists, the characteristics of tourism in Vietnam. Attracted many young photographers, check in especially the place of wedding photography extremely impressive.

Happy Homes

21. Van Thanh Park

The resort offers a wide range of resort services, picnics, food, events, restaurants, cafes, a playground and an extremely large swimming pool. visitors and young people every weekend.

Happy Homes22. Long Island Castle

No need to spend the high cost to go to far distant land to make a picture in classical style, in Saigon there is still a version of  beautiful “castle” for you to capture and explore

Happy Homes23. White bunny theme park

White Bunny Park is located at 875 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Bac Hai Residential, Ward 15, District 10, Ho Chi Minh. The park has a lot of interesting games and is divided into different age groups from kids, adults and teens.

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