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Incarnate from the dream of giving the community a care service from the heart. Happy Homes always aspires to bring you, a place to live, not just a home, but a happy home. Here, every guest stopped feeling the interference of Asian – European culture, beauty in culture around the world converged.

Coming to Happy Homes, you will be amazed at the vibrant green at each apartment. In the heart of bustling Saigon, Happy Homes really knows how to please visitors, a green and energetic space right after arriving in Happy Homes.

Vivid green is woven by the enthusiastic staff of Happy Homes. Determining our mission, Happy Homes takes care of each flower frame and ornamental plant so that visitors can relax and enjoy the best when choosing Happy Homes as a stopover.

By Happy Homes understands the corners of the room become more harmonious thanks to cool blue colors. Green environment will help you refrehend the spirit of energy recovery after hard working days.

Possessing green space, Happy Homes helps each guest dispel stress, help people relax more with the natural environment, thereby balancing the human body.

The melodious music, in the middle of the garden is full of fragrant flowers that show off the color, will be a catalyst for each guest to increase productivity and creativity.

Looming in the distance, beautiful houses with green gardens

Happy Homes believes that every basket of flowers sways blooming, every row of greenery at Happy Homes as priceless gift, giving you a energetic flow of energy, to feel your soul gentle and relaxed. , like finding a peaceful place after a hasty time of life.

And above all, Happy Homes understands that a green apartment will make customers happier and more loving.

Happy Homes – a series of convenient serviced apartments, coming to Happy Homes, you will feel the level of service, professional service and unexpected gifts from the smallest details, flower baskets , green garden is one of them.

Information about Happy Homes


Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho Hao Hon, Ward Giang, District 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Website: www.happyhomes.vn

Email: manager@happyhomes.vn

Hotline: (+84) 028 777 11 888

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