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In addition to Rental Apartments, Happy Homes also provides investment opportunities for homeowners, property owners and investors. Here you will receive the optimal profit of “Monthly cash flow” and increase “Land value” over time. There are many individuals who believe in choosing Happy Homes as an effective and stable investment channel. The most typical is Ms. Loi – Owner Hotel Miss Loi, she has been with Happy Homes for 3 years. A journey is not too long but it also shows the prestige of Happy Homes. Join Happy Homes to congratulate Miss Loi on her birthday.

Happy Homes

Happy Homes always appreciates long-term cooperation with investors

Happy Homes creates investment opportunities for individuals, but does not forget to thank them. This is the culture that makes the difference of Happy Homes: “Culture is grateful” who have trusted the Hotel for Happy Homes to manage, operate and operate.

On every investor’s birthday, Happy Homes always celebrates birthdays, giving valuable and meaningful gifts. Expressing respect for the long-term cooperative relations of both parties. Not only stop there, Happy Homes considers investors like family members. True to the core values ​​that Happy Homes wants: “Not only is it a place to live and work for a long time but also a place to invest sustainably and bring happiness to everyone” Towards a number of service apartments No.1 in Vietnam.

Happy Homes

Ms. Loi trusted to choose Happy Homes as a sustainable investment channel

Ms. Loi was the first person since 1975 to build a Hotel in the area of ​​Co Giang Ward (Alley 178 Co Giang, connected with 171 Co Bac Street). The first person to successfully build the famous Hotel chain today. Within a radius of 100m, there are more than 10 Hotel operating well such as Hotel Ngoc Hue, Hotel Kim Loan, Hotel California …

She has had many successful sharing sessions, instructing entrepreneurs how to operate the Hotel.

HappyHomes has been known by Ms. Loi since 2015, after a period of observation on Happy Homes model, in 2016, Loi exchanged with Mr. Lieu Ky Nhan and the two sides came to cooperate. Not really a cooperative relationship, but the two sides see each other like relatives in the house. For “The Love of the Grandchild”, Loi devotedly guides, instructs, shares the psychology of customers, and the experience in Hospitality careers. Currently Miss Loi Hotel is rated well by Booking.com with a score of 8.5 points.

Happy Homes

Happy Homes – your right investment choice

With years of experience with its reputation, investors are assured of cooperating and trusting Real Estate entrustment for Happy Homes.

Investing at Happy Homes you will be:

  • Advise to build “Standard from the first” Serviced Apartment model
  • Visit and experience real models to make decisions.
  • Predicted risks will be encountered in the process: Permission – Construction – Investment – Operation – Selling (what is available) – Buying (new)
  • Be signed by Happy Homes “Lease Agreement” as soon as New Construction or Purchase begins.
  • Be committed by Happy Homes to Sell when homeowners need to Sell.
  • Be advised to invest in Real Estate by Happy Homes to Buy and increase the value of “capital gains”.
  • You do not need to worry about management. Everything has Happy Homes lo from A-Z
  • Happy Homes becomes a “safe residence” channel for investors without expertise & time management.


Do not click on the button below! If you are not ready to invest in real estate with stable income from our system with more than 8 years of experience

Happy Homes

Information about Happy Homes


Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho, co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Website: www.happyhomes.vn

Email: manager@happyhomes.vn

Hotline: 0909 0366 91-0909 0366 92-0909 0366 94

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