Happy Homes Participating in the meeting of the BNI ALL STAR CHAPTER

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With the slogan “Changing the Way the World Does Business”. BNI aims at the vision and the goal of “Changing the way the business world” through creating a business owner community in the world based on the “Give It” philosophy and flexible application, effective in trade connection activities. BNI’s mission is to help members grow their business through a structured, positive and professional Oral Marketing program that allows them to develop a long and meaningful relationship with quality professional business partners.

Happy Homes
Happy Homes Participating In The Meeting Of The BNI All-stars Weekly Chapter

Mr. Lieu Ky Nhan – Happy Homes brand owner is a veteran member and active in all activities of BNI-Star Chapter. In addition to supporting the expansion of the business, Happy Homes and BNI-Star Chapter also make a lot of contributions to the development of the community.

In weekly meetings at BNI-Stars Chapter. He also introduced BNI to foreign experts working in Vietnam. And invite these foreign experts to attend the meeting.

In addition to wanting to take good care of customers, HappyHomes also introduced investment opportunities for foreign experts to come to Vietnam to seek business opportunities, connect and open representative offices.

This is the “value” that foreign experts come to live at HappyHomes.

Happy Homes

Typical is Oliver. Oliver came to a meeting of BNI. From a guest, he became a friend and then a potential business partner of Happy Homes in the future.

Happy Homes is a prestigious apartment rental service

Happy Homes is the unit that provides the most prestigious and quality apartment rental service in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

Happy Homes is not only a place where you live and work for a long time, but also a “home”, where all members cultivate happiness, build beautiful memories together. Happy Homes aims to be the number 1 quality serviced apartments in Vietnam.

We strive to bring satisfaction to residents living in Happy Homes. The difference and characteristic of Happy Homes is friendly, comfortable and comfortable.

Coming to Happy Homes, we believe it will quickly help you find the desired rental apartment.

Information about Happy Homes


Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho, co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Website: www.happyhomes.vn

Email: manager@happyhomes.vn

Hotline: 0909 0366 91-0909 0366 92-0909 0366 94

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