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There is a chance to meet when living together in the BNI global business organization, participating in a Chapter _ Star Chapter. The past few years Taka and Happy Homes are always on the way, cooperating and developing on every journey.

Director Lieu Ky Nhan happily took a picture with Taka’s Bitrix24 technology expert

Happy Homes is a brand specialized in developing and developing rental apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. With the investment scale in the right direction, getting the trust and satisfaction of customers. Happy Homes is constantly expanding its business model to meet customer needs.

Happy Homes always receives the enthusiastic support of technology to help liberate businesses from Taka. With all sincerity, giving the best values ​​Taka Team went directly to work with the Head Office team with the “System Defense Training for Team Head Office” at Happy Homes office. The capital has been very understanding, so the exchange took place successfully, the thoughtful and thoughtful consultancy, “handful of work” for Happy Homes office.

With the greatness of Bitrix 24 tool of Taka, Mr. Lieu Ky Nhan, Director of Happy Homes serviced apartment chain shared: “Minimize manipulation and save time, only a few buttons can run the company. Everywhere and extremely efficient – I will definitely apply this system to my business. Thank you, Taka, for this helpful sharing session”.

The road ahead is still challenging, but with the resonance of collaborative development and affection, Happy Homes hope to welcome Taka’s companionship.

Information about Happy Homes


Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho Hao Hon, Ward Giang, District 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh

Website: www.happyhomes.vn

Email: manager@happyhomes.vn

Hotline:  (+84) 028 777 11 888

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