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The determination of Happy Homes and the construction of Happy Homes is a place of gathering elite people, with thoughts and disciplinary actions, talented and brave, with patriotism and national self-respect, good and spiritual orientation. work fiercely, thoroughly for good purposes.

At Happy Homes, under the leadership of Director Lieu Ky Nhan, each member is always proactive, striving to learn and strive constantly to improve themselves.

In the spirit of: “Working hard, rewarding at the end of the month” every department clearly determines its responsibilities, working with the whole mind. However, more than that, there are many situations where Happy Homes employees “must” receive unexpected rewards.

Ms. Huong, in charge of cleaning at 171 Co Bac Branch, is one of them. Continuously receiving good feedback from customers on the booking, the fact that she took care of customers and cleaned the room was very beautiful in the hearts of customers.

Like other branches, the number of guests at branch 171 Ms. Bac is quite crowded, even overloaded, but she is always warm and friendly with every stopover at Happy Homes.

Sanitation is the most important part of this service industry, ensuring cleanliness not only satisfies customers but also demonstrates their responsibility and mind. Good customer service also means good fulfillment of assigned tasks.

Congratulations to Ms. Huong for her dedication and responsibility to work first. Happy Homes always encourages each member to strive and do their best because every department is an important link to make Happy Homes strong.

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