Green plants bring to the fortune

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Trees in the office not only bring aesthetic value. According to many studies, green plants in the office have the effect of reducing stress, helping the spirit to be more refreshing and excited, so productivity is also higher. In particular, green trees in the house and offices also contribute to improving air quality, bringing about good fortune and health.

Come to Happy Homes, you will enjoy the green season of trees such as Aroid Palm, lucky bamboo, succulent Buddha, jade ... grown in the house and geomancy is good for your health.

With Happy Homes, learn the meaning and effects of plants that provide health benefits.

Lucky Bamboo

It is a kind of plant that has a strong vitality and longevity for your room. At Happy Homes, a lucky bamboo is always a large number because this tree is known to bring fortune, luck and a symbol of success.

The tree is very suitable for decorating corners in the living room or along the aisle. Moreover, the genus tree is well adapted to indoor light and humidity conditions

Aroid Palm 

The second is the aroid palm, which converts geomancy elements, wood, underground, earth water, irrigation water, pots or aquatic pots. Aroid palm has round edges, green, full of vitality, suitable for modern architecture.

Aroid palm is a rich and precious tree that has the effect of talent. Happy Homes conceives the kind of money that brings wealth, prosperity, wealth and health to every Happy Homes customer. In particular, the money is blooming, the owner gets better.

In order to have more fortune, you must choose a tree with a green, thick trunk, complete leaf blade. In particular, the tree is blooming will bring the most “fortune”. Should put aroid palm in the East, East – South in the house, meeting room, office …


The tree is loved by many people, first of all, thanks to the fragrance. Orchid is also a symbol of good luck and noble quality. The beauty of orchids is considered classic, in geomancy symbolizes proliferation: money, perfection, beauty, pure white.

Orchid symbolizes regal strokes, bringing sophistication and elegance.

Spider Plant 

If choosing a tree not only brings fortune, luck, prosperity but also works to clean the air, filter dust, and absorb toxins, then the spider plant is the first choice.

It’s like spider wire like a natural mini dust filter. Spider plant is suitable for dusty places like windows, balconies, entrances, kitchens.

Peace Lily 

As well as the spider plant that peace lily can clean air by filtering toxic substances such as acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene. Italian orchid also helps protect the body from radiation rays emitted from television, phone, microwave, refrigerator …

In geomancy, this flower has the effect of balancing the gas field, absorbing incompatible energy sources, creating a peaceful and harmonious space.

Money Plant 

The leaves of the money plant represent. When flowers bloom is a symbol of wealth and happiness. According to the five elements, the leafy plants of the golden branch of the metal are very suitable for the West or Northwest. The money plant also has the meaning of “talent”, so it is very suitable to place at the money counter or cashier, in front of the store, the entrance to activate the energy.

Green jade green leaves year-round is also a symbol of intense vitality, longevity, eternal youth.

Aglaonema Silver Bay

This tree also has the function to make fresh air, brings money, and lucky. Should put trees in the living room or on the desk, office.

Succulent Budda 

The succulent budda is mentioned in particular in feng shui, bringing meaning and luck to the family. Many families plant rock lotus in their homes because of their adaptability to the environment.

Rock lotus plants not only make the living space fresher but also bring homeowners confidence in fortune and sand. Tree species also symbolize resilience.

Sansevieria Trifasciata 

It is considered one of the best indoor plants to absorb toxic gases. In addition, according to geomancy, this tree cultivation in the house has the effect of exorcizing, negating bad luck, bringing auspiciousness, luck, feeling of security and comfort to the owner.

The strong, sturdy tree shape of the Sansevieria trifasciata is also a symbol of personal strength. It can be placed on the desk, or large trees are placed in the corner of the room.

Budda Tree 

This species is sold according to each branch. When buying with a different number of branches, homeowners will receive different meanings.

The tree is shaped very beautifully, into a vase, boat, miniatures … so it is easy to distill in any space from narrow to spacious. This is also a tree with the meaning of fortune.

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