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Each brand originated from a burning passion. Warming from the dream of giving the community a heart care service, Happy Homes was born. We aspire to bring you, a place to live, not just a home, but a happy home.

Over the past 8 years, Happy Homes has expanded its network of apartments and is well known. The success of Happy Homes comes from the great efforts of the Director of Lieu Ky Nhan and the enthusiastic staff. We are always happy when we can bring value to the community, happy to see that what we cultivate has a fruitful day, like that plum tree brings sweet fruit to life.

Happy Homes

Large network of serviced apartments at Happy Home

Happy Homes is a brand specialized in developing and developing rental apartments in Ho Chi Minh City. At present, Happy Homes’ serviced apartment network has up to 6 apartment chains scattered across Saigon’s centers.

Typically as:

Happy Homes – 42 Ho Hao Hon

Happy Homes – 178 Co Giang

Happy Homes – 95 Le Thi Rieng

Happy Homes – 128 Co Bac

Happy Homes – 81 Ho Hao Hon

Happy Homes – Happy Dorm

These apartments are well-known by tourists and high rate of visitors. Almost always not enough for the needs of the guests.

Happy Homes

Every visitor and experience at Happy Homes has a good impression and wishes to return to Vietnam so that there can be moments of relaxation and relaxation that are nowhere else in Ho Chi Minh City.

Having the above success is thanks to the dedicated and thoughtful staff, paying attention to the wishes of customers. Here visitors feel like returning home by being open, enthusiastic and rich in hospitality.

Our effort is like that plum tree. Every day we plant a good thing, we also harvest sweet fruit that gives a little bit of flowers for life to be more poetic. And that success is well known by many witnesses, every day customers can feel the quality of Happy Homes service is increasing.

Happy Homes

Expand the type of service

In addition to renting serviced apartments, we also have a type of house for sale or rent. These houses are well-located, good feng shui, fully furnished in accordance with the needs of customers.

Thanks to a network of potential customers, who always believe in the prestige of Happy Homes, we also succeed in the form of deposit services for renters and sellers.

Besides, many big investors like Miss Loi – Hotel Miss Loi did not hesitate to cooperate with Happy Homes.

Our network as well as a tree trunk has developed many branches and is sustainable with time.

We are proud to be a reputable serviced apartment rental unit at Happy Homes.

If you wish to receive the optimal profit of “Monthly cash flow” and increase “Land value” over time. Become an investor in partnership with Happy Homes today.

Customer satisfaction is the result of Happy Homes and customer benefits are the value received by Happy Homes. Therefore, we not only strive to improve and improve the quality of infrastructure and services, but also invest in developing potential human resources.

Coming to Happy Homes, we believe it will quickly help you find the desired rental apartment.

Information about Happy Homes


Headquarters: Villa 42/4 Ho Hao Hon, Ward Giang, District 1, Tp. Ho Chi Minh



Hotline: 0909 0366 91 – 0909 0366 92 – 0909 0366 94

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