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Lenin said: “Study, study more, study forever“, this spirit of learning has been thoroughly applied by Happy Homes over the years. In any position, the department will all staff update new knowledge every day, and actively participate in training courses to serve the work.

As an avid learner and passionate about learning new knowledge, Mr. Lieu Ky Nhan – Happy Homes Director is always a familiar member in many courses and training courses. With love, he imparted energy and learning spirit to all employees, see this as a must, and culture of Happy Homes

He said: “Knowledge is never enough, so learning more – adding knowledge is a must and a culture of Happy Homes”.

Every year, Director Lieu Ky Nhan goes on to learn more knowledge in different areas, from human resources, culture, strategies to build a sustainable business, apply technology to manage businesses to bring businesses “up cloud”in the age of technology 4.0.

With the development orientation, focusing on real estate development investment, Director Lieu Ky Nhan has gone through the class of Mr. Dolf De Roof – the leading real estate investment expert in the world, he has trained at more than 25 countries and the author of 15 books on real estate, including the best-selling New York Times “Rich with real estate” book. At the same time, he also participated in many other business activities such as Technology Transfer to help companies reach the globe, advising entrepreneurs who want to grow to new heights.

With intensive and methodical knowledge from Mr. Dolf De Roof, the UK has refined and applied with the development orientation in each short-term and long-term strategy for Happy Homes.

By pioneering aspirations with a sustainable development and investment strategy, Happy Homes strives to become a leading and prestigious quality service apartment chain in Vietnam, aiming to improve the position of Vietnamese people. international arena.

Come to Happy Homes to feel the difference, which is not just a place but a “home”. We are always striving, striving to bring our customers the best moments at Happy Homes.

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