Why we should choose luxury apartments in district 1?

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Most people thought that they should not rent luxury apartments in District 1 because the price is quite expensive. However, there is the fact that many people are trying to find apartment for rent in this area. Here are some reasons and advantages for you to consider when renting an apartment in this central area.

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Central location – convenient transportation

The central location – District 1 is always considered a strategic location in the heart of the city. From District 1, the transportation to everywhere in and out of the city is very quick and convenient. As a strategic location, the surrounding facilities for learning and entertainment are all well-developed. Most of the young and active people love that.

Central location is also suitable for expat who are living and working in Vietnam thanks to the convenience of services and facilities. Cultural and artistic activities are regularly held at the central locations which are also suitable for those who love to discover the life and culture of the Vietnamese people.

District 1 is the ideal place to live for single people because it is always vibrant, full of life with extremely busy nightlife. This area is typical example of saying “Saigon never sleep”.

Security area

Thanks to the strategic location and value of District 1, security in this area is also seriously tightened. There are many administrative offices, office buildings, commercial centers, restaurants, clubs, bars, shops … and security guard team is available everywhere. The living areas are also concerned about security and order by local authorities. In addition to the security guard, District 1 is also equipped with the most modern street camera system. So it seems that you will get more secure when choosing to live in District 1.

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Competitive price for luxury apartment in district

Together with  the convenience and strategy for business, many companies and offices choose the central location as their headquarters. With such high competitive pressure, the price of high-class apartment for rent in District 1 is also considered and decided by the investors to offer the most reasonable price, ensuring the superiority with competitors.

The selection of apartment for rent in District 1 also opens up more business opportunities and increases income, reducing the burden of rental fee.

We analyze some objective advantages for the high-end apartment segment in District 1. Based on these factors, you can analyze the opportunity cost and make the most appropriate decision based on demand.

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